Schlage B563 Classroom Deadbolt

by Schlage
$ 59.28

Schlage B563 Classroom Deadbolt. The B500 Series deadbolt is a revolutionary new deadbolt that delivers higher security, tougher performance and the ultimate in installation versatility. Designed by locksmiths for locksmiths, the B500 Series deadbolt can be fitted with any Schlage cylinder, fits virtually every door you service, enhances lock strength on the jamb side of the door and will change forever the way you look at deadbolts.

Schlage B563 - Classroom Deadbolt- ANSI - EO172

• Deadbolt thrown or retracted by key outside.

• Inside units retracts bolt only.

    Finishes: 605-Bright Brass, 606-Satin Brass, 609-Antique Brass, 612-Satin Bronze, 613-Oil Rubbed Bronze, 619-Satin Nickel, 625-Bright Chrome, 606-Satin Chrome, 643e-Aged Bronze

     • Adjustable backset with lock-in-place helix design • Integrated anti-pry shield protects latch • Thicker metal security strike back-up on jamb side • Security strike on jamb has third screw for stronger, deeper anchoring • Added space inside strike box for true deadlatch • Seamless steel construction from beginning of latch to back of bolt • 10% larger diameter deadbolt • Zinc bolt with spinning hardened steel pin inside • Tapered front housing that can’t be unscrewed • Integrated trim piece for fewer pieces out of the box • Large, easy-to-use, ADA compliant thumbturn

    Features and Benefits
    • 1” (25 mm) throw, high-strength steel alloy deadbolt with hardened steel roller resists sawing and kick-in attacks
    • Precision-built solid brass 6-pin cylinders with phosphor bronze springs and nickel silver pins ensure long life and smooth operation
    • Tough nickel silver keys for smooth, long-lasting operation
    • Exclusive concealed wood frame reinforcer protects wood jamb against kick-in attacks
    • Large inside thumbturn makes it easy to throw and retract deadbolt
    • Security shield protects bolt from ice-pick attack through the door
    • Hardened steel ball-bearings protect mounting bolts from drill attack
    Handing: B250-Series deadlatches are reversible. All other B-Series locksets are non-handed.
    Door Thickness:
    B250-Series, 5-pin: 13/8” to 13/4” (35mm to 44mm) standard. Available to 21/4” (57mm), assembled to order.
    B500-Series, 5-pin: 13/8” to 13/4” thick (35mm to 44 mm) standard. Available to 21/4” (57mm), assembled to order.
    B600/700/800-Series: 13/4” to 2” (44mm to 51mm) standard. Available for 13/8” (35mm) and doors up to 21/2” (63mm), assembled to order. Door ranges may vary by function.
    B250-Series: 23/8” (60mm) standard. 23/4” (70mm) optional.
    B500-Series: Adjustable for 23/8” (60mm) or 23/4” (70mm) standard.
    B600/700/800-Series: 23/4” (70mm) standard, 23/8” (60mm), 33/4” (95mm), 5” (127mm) optional.
    Front: Brass, bronze or stainless steel. 11/8” x 21/4” (29mm x 57mm) square corner, beveled.
    Dead Bolt: 1” (25 mm) throw with saw-resistant hardened steel insert.
    Latch Bolt: Brass, 9/16” (14mm) throw, deadlocking on keyed and exterior functions.
    Exposed Trim: Wrought brass, bronze or stainless steel.
    Thumbturn: Pressure cast zinc, plated to match finish symbols.
    B500 Series: 11/8” x 23/4”, metal dust box reinforcer and three 3” screws. Optional strikes, lip lengths and ANSI strike box available.
    B600 and B250-Series: 11/8” x 23/4” (32mm x 70mm) with steel reinforcer and two 3” screws standard.
    B500 and B250-Series meet or exceed A156.5 Grade 2 strength and operational requirements.
    B600/700/800-Series meets or exceeds A156.5 Grade 1 strength and operational requirements.
    UL / cUL:
    B600/700/800-Series locks are UL10B Listed auxiliary locks for A label single doors, 4 ’ x 8 ’.
    UL10B Listing optional for B500-Series as auxiliary locks. Letter F and UL symbol on latch front indicate listing.
    UL437 Listed locking cylinder optional:
    Specify Primus 20-500 Series cylinder for B500 and B250-Series Grade 2 products, or specify B800-Series Grade 1 products.
    ADA Compliant: Schlage Lock Company offers a wide selection of locks designed to meet the Americans With Disabilities Act.
    Cylinder & Keys: 6-pin patented Everest C123 keyway standard with two nickel silver keys per lock. Items specified in C keyway will be furnished 5-pin.
    Keying Options: Interchangeable core and Primus XP high security cylinders. Master keying, grand master keying and construction keying.
    Commercial: Three-year limited.
    Residential: Full lifetime mechanical.