Sargent 1130 Series Door Closer

Sargent 1130/1131 Series Door Closers.

A reversible "Non-handed" Economy Aluminum Door Closer.

Sargent 1130/1131 Reversable Non Handed Door Closer -


  • Full rack and pinion
  • High strength cast aluminum case
  • Tri-packed for versatile mounting: standard, inverted or parallel
  • Arm leverage adjustment
  • One piece spindle heat treated for high strength
  • Separate key controlled regulating valves for door closing and latching speed
  • Wood and machine screws provided as standard
  • Three choices of finishes: EN for Aluminum Enamel, EB for bronze enamel to match 10B, EAB for brass enamel
  • Heat treated high tensile springs
  • Valves are captivated to prohibit vandalism
  • Adjustable backcheck valve is standard
  • Models available with spring adjustment along with sized models
  • UL and ULC listed                                                                                                               Note: Any retrofit or other field modification to a fire rated opening can potentially impact the fire rating of the opening, and Sargent Manufacturing Company makes no representations or warranties concerning what such impact may be in any specific situation. When retrofitting any portion of an existing fire rated opening, or specifying and installing a new fire-rated opening, please consult with a code specialist or local code official (Authority Having Jurisdiction) to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and ratings.
  • ANSI Grade 1 A156.4
  • Mortise nuts and through bolts included
  • Parallel Arm Conversion bracket included
  • Auxiliary door stop required
  • 10 year warranty

  • Hotel/Motel guest room
  • Retro-fit on store front entry doors
  • Retail buildings
  • Interior office doors
  • Assisted living centers
  • office buildings