Detex Exit Devices

US Lock Supply offers several Detex products, including Detex panic bars, alarmed exit devices and related products that help keep your building safer while making it easy for people to exit in an emergency.

Our selection includes Detex alarmed exit devices, exit alarms, exit devices with alarms, and all types of panic devices and other security door hardware for commercial buildings. Our Detex products offer many ways to control the exits in commercial buildings, educational buildings like colleges and dormitories, institutional buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, large apartment buildings and anywhere you need to control and alarm the exits.

US Lock Supply carries the entire Detex line of products in all their options, with many in stock and ready to ship. Shop our Detex exit devices, door alarms and alarmed exit devices today, and find the right solution for your property.

Detex EAX-500W Weatherized Battery Powered Exit Alarm -

The Detex EAX-500W Weatherized Exit Alarm is designed for applications that require a battery-powered alarm on secured doors, particularly emergency exits that open to the outdoors or wet environment. The alarm, with approximately 100dB, will sound when someone attempts an unauthorized exit. The redesigned shape and smaller size of the EAX-500W makes it the choice for quick and easy installations on emergency exit and restricted doors.




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• Low cost, self-contained door alarm with piezo horn that sounds to warn unauthorized use of a door or gate

• Patented plastic template allows for foolproof alignment of internal magnetic door contact and accurate installation

• Tapered cover allows for installation on narrow stile doors

• Intelligent circuit senses the external magnet location automatically and sets the correct door handing

• Patented cam assembly automatically adjusts for different sizes of cylinders without use of spacers Features Benefits 

• Weatherized for outdoor environments

• Secure, tamper resistant housing

• Quick, easy installation saves time and money

• Alarm can only be silenced by proper control key

• Extended bypass (now a standard feature) allows alarm to remain bypassed when door is open and automatically rearm upon door closing

• Modern graphics on cover to demonstrate key rotation and operation

• 100 dB piezo alarm

• 9VDC battery operated with Low Battery Alert

• LED visual and audible arming indicators

• Field selectable 2-minute auto rearm, if desired

• Field selectable status indicators, if desired

• Weatherized electronics certified to Driving Rain and Salt Fog Test (see Listings and Approvals)