Trine EN400 Electric Strike

Trine EN400 Electric Strike

by Trine
$ 295.00

For new or replacement installations in wood or metal jambs. Use with cylindrical locksets, mortise locks without dead bolts, and mortise exit devices with up to 7/8” throw.

Weldable Gatebox

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EN400 Features:

  • Superior Strength -- Heavy duty 2,000+ lbs UL® tested.
  • Superior Life -- Durability of 1,000,000+ life cycles
  • Superior Application - Outdoor UL® rating allows the strike to be used anywhere - especially good for gates.
  • Fail secure/Fail safe field reversible on DC units.
  • Grade 1 Electric Strike -- Contains a one piece locking mechanism with one Solenoid -- less parts mean less problems.
  • Left and Right handing is field reversible.
  • Great for all high humidity environments like at marinas and pools. The go anywhere strike!

EN400 Specifications:

  • UL® Listed 10C - Fire-rated - Class A, 3-hour, single swing door
  • UL® Listed 1034 - Indoor/Outdoor Burglary Resistant
  • UL294 (6th Edition) listed
  • NYC MEA 79-01-E

EN Series Electrical Characteristicss:   PoE Freindly

Volts Current Ohms (Ω) Duty Sound Wire
12AC 0.700 4.5 Intm. Buzz 1-Blue,
24AC 0.370 18.0 Intm. Buzz 1-Blue,
12DC 0.280 43.0 Intm./Cont. Silent 2-Orange/White
24DC 0.150 164.0 Intm./Cont. Silent 2-Black/White
Trine 4100 Electric Strike

Trine 4100 Electric Strike

by Trine
$ 315.00

4100 Features:

  • Grade 1 Electric Strike -- heavy duty construction, 1,000,000+ Life cycles -- 3,250+ lbs. Holding Force
  • Four popular faceplates included -- including the 4 most used faceplates in the box makes specifying and installing easy Covers 90%+ of Cylindrical & Mortise Lock configurations (without deadbolt), plus faceplates can be kept & used to help accomodate for door sag.
  • 1 - 3/8” Shallow backset -- the 4100 low profile electric strike can be used in 2” fire rated frames with 1/2” sheetrock ingress
  • Low Current Draw -- .240 Amp at 12DC makes it very PoE Friendly 12 & 24DC :: 12 through 24 AC. All the low voltage and amperage flexibility you need
  • The included CCTS covers the gap when retrofitting the HES® 1006, Folger Adams® 712/732, and Von Duprin® 6200 Series or even Trine EN Series strikes. No more ugly trim skirts. The CCTS always matches the faceplate finish.
  • Why cut for a deadbolt 100% of the time when they are only used 5% of the time.
  • Patented # US20110241361
  • Cutout Specification A115.1 (with Slight Jamb Modification)


  • Class A, 3 Hour fire rated single door / frame configuration
  • WH recognized for UL10C, Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • UBC 7-2, Uniform building Code
  • CAN4 S104, Standard Method for Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • NFPA 252 - Issue: 1999/01/01 Standard Methods of Fire Tests of Door Assemblies
  • NOTE: WH fire listing is void when using fail safe action.
  • UL LISTED - 1034 Burglary Resistant
  • UL294 (6th Edition) listed
  • ANSI A156.5 - 1992 - 4-7/8" x 1-1/4" Fits

4100 Electrical Characteristics:

Volts Current Ohms (Ω) Duty Sound Wire Color
12DC 0.240 A 50 Ω Intm./Cont. Silent Blue/Red
24DC 0.114 A 210 Ω Intm./Cont. Silent Brown/Red
12AC 0.210 A 50 Ω Intm. Buzz Blue/Red
16AC 0.280 A 50 Ω Intm. Buzz Blue/Red
24AC 0.420 A 50 Ω Intm. Buzz Blue/Red
Trine 323478LC Electric Strike

Trine 323478LC Electric Strike

by Trine
$ 175.00

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234, 234X, 478 Faceplates, 478-CCFP Filler and 30LC Included in this product.

Trine 3012/3024 Electric Strike Body
Trine 3000 Faceplates

Trine 3000 Faceplates

by Trine
$ 18.50

Faceplates for the Trine 3000 Series Electric Strikes

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Trine 4850 Surface Mount Electric Stike

1/2" Surface mounted electric strike for Rim Panic Devices.

The most flexible electric strike for use with surface mounted rim exit devices with up to 1” (6 different thicknesses altogether).

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Enhanced 4850 Features:

    • 1/2” thick Surface Mount electric strike comes with 1/4” and two (2) 1/16” Spacers plates -- the most versatile rim panic strike provides the flexibility of 6 different sizes!
    • The electric strike Cavity is completely open -- which means the 4850 allows for an incremental depth up to a 1" throw -- competitor backplates do not allow for this versatility.
    • Comes with Trines Patented 6-Pin Anchoring System
    • Contains a one piece locking mechanism with one Solenoid -- less parts mean less problems.
    • Fail-safe/Fail-secure (field selectable).
    • Grade 1 Electric Strike -- 1,000,000+ Life cycles -- 1,500+ lbs. Holding Force
    • No cutting or worrying about voltage means you are always prepared.
    • Everyday Low Current Draw
  • For a fire rated rim panic strike use the 4800F

  • Enhanced 4850 Electrical Characteristics: (DC Only)  PoE Freindly 

    Voltage Amps Wire Color Duty Sound
    12DC 0.218 Red & Blue Intm./Cont. Silent
    16DC 0.290 Red & Blue Intm./Cont. Silent
    24DC 0.195 Brown & Blue Intm./Cont. Silent


    Trine 30LC Electric Strike Body

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    12/24VAC/DC, Fail Secure


    Faceplates Available








    Trine EN400-Gatebox

    Trine EN400-Gatebox

    by Trine
    $ 43.00

    Gatebox Dimensions


    Weldable Gatebox for the EN400 Electric Strike