Falcon D121 Single Cylinder x Rose Grade 1 Deadbolt - US Lock Supply

by Falcon
$ 78.00
Falcon D121 Single Cylinder x Rose Deadbolt. The D Series deadbolt from Falcon will fit on virtually any door, thanks to an adjustable backset with an innovative lock-in-place design. The Grade 1 D100 Series deadbolt can be fitted with any cylinder, enhancing lock strength on the jamb side of the door and is easier to install than any deadbolt you've ever worked with.
 Falcon D121 Single Cylinder x Rose Deadbolt:
  • Deadbolt thrown or retracted by key only.
  • Blank plate inside. Bolt automatically deadlocks when fully thrown
Features and Benefits
  • Integrated anti-pry shield behind cylinder assembly for added security and quicker installation
  • Integrated trim design – fewer pieces out of the box and improved installation time
  • Tapered front resists wrenching
  • Accepts small format interchangable style cores (SFIC) and conventional cylinders
  • Adjustable backset with lock-in-place design for greater versatility
  • Latch tube construction
  • Heavy duty saw-resistant bolt with spinning hardened steel pin inside for additional protection
  • ADA compliant thumbturn

Door Thickness
: 1 3/8” to 1 3/4”. Up to 2 1/4” door thickness also available.
Backsets: 2 3/8” to 2 3/4” adjustable deadbolt.
Attachment: Locks are solidly attached to the door by 1/4” heat-treated steel bolts. These bolts pass through a steel plate (D111, D121 and D141) or the inner cylinder housing (D131) and thread directly into the back of the outer cylinder housing.
A permanent cap is inserted over the inside cylinder (D131) making the bolts nearly impossible to remove.
Handing: Non-handed. May be used on right hand or left hand doors swinging in or out.
Cylinders: Furnished with solid brass plug and housing, drilled with 6-pin chambers, pinned in 5 unless otherwise specified. Also available with 7-pin cylinders. Available with 6 or 7-pin interchangeable cores. Furnished with two (2) nickel silver keys standard.
Keyways: “G” keyway standard on conventional cylinders. “A” keyway standard on I/C core cylinders. Also available with some optional keyways.
Exposed Trim: Wrought brass or bronze reinforced with steel insert.
Deadbolts: Deadbolt locks are furnished with deadbolts which have a full 1” projection. Housed within the deadbolt is a freeturning, 1/4” thick, hardened steel, saw-resistant roller. Furnished standard with 2 3/8” to 2 3/4” adjustable backset and 1 1/8” x 2 1/4” faceplate. Optional 1” x 2 1/4” faceplate. Consult Options and Accessories section for other optional faceplates. D100 bolt is high strength steel.
Strikes: 2 3/4” x 1 1/8” lipless strike standard. ANSI 4 7/8” x 1 1/4” lipless, 2 1/4” full lip strikes, a 2 3/4” x 1 1/8” T-strike or a security strike are available. Consult Options and Accessories section.
Screws: Furnished with wood/machine screws for use on wood or metal doors or frames.
ANSI/BHMA Standard: A156.5, 2001, Grade 1. UL Listed, A label, 3 hour.