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Best 7KC 30 N Passage Lever Lock In Stock In Most Functions & Finishes


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The BEST 7KC Series, a Grade 2 cylindrical lever set, is a popular choice for commercial office spaces, college dorms and military bases. This medium-duty cylindrical lock fits a standard door prep. And because it’s comparable to the BEST 9K lever set, it’s been specified at times for heavy-duty residential applications.


Reliable Strength

The BEST 7KC series exceeds ANSI Grade 2 requirements. Design features like through-bolt mounting studs provide strength and increased torque resistance for reliable long-term performance.


Dependable Durability

We designed the 7KC lock series for long product life in standard traffic applications, including features like a robust hub and torsion springs for extra resistance to lever sag. All 7KC internal components are treated for corrosion resistance, which ensures a longer, more reliable performance life.


Secure Design

Security is built-in to the 7KC, with features like requiring core removal before keyed levers may be removed, a snap-on inside rose concealing mounting screws and no exposed keeper holes on keyed levers.


Easy Installation and Retrofit

Each 7KC lock is pre-assembled, and its cylindrical chassis fits common door preparation, making, installation quick and easy. Retrofit and rekeying are also simple, thanks to compatibility with conventional key-in-knob cylinders. BEST interchangeable cores allow for easy rekeying without removing the levers.


• Cylindrical chassis to fit common door preparation.
• Standard and Drive-in latches available.
• Through-bolt mounting studs increase torque resistance.
• Quick rekeying with BEST interchangeable core.
• No exposed keeper hole on keyed levers for
increased security.
• Hub torque spring provides extra resistance to lever sag.
• Snap-on inside rose (no exposed mounting screws).
• Keyed lever is removable only after removal of core.
• Internal steel mechanisms are corrosion treated for
normal atmospheric conditions.
• ADA–Americans With Disabilities Act: 7KC series – The design and operation
of the BEST® cylindrical lock meets the intent of the standard for ANSI A117.1
section 404.2.6 and Illinois Accessibility Standard 400.310 (j)(8).
• Lockset reversible for either hand of door without removing keyed lever.
• Underwriters Laboratories®: 7KC series – Listed by Underwriters Laboratories
for use on 3 Hr, A label for single (4’ x 8’) doors.
• Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association:
7KC series – Listed by BHMA for A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 2.
• ADA–Americans With Disabilities Act: 7KC series – The design and operation of the BEST®
cylindrical lock meets the intent of the standard for ANSI A117.1 section 404.2.6 and Illinois
• Accessibility Standard 400.310 (j)(8).
• California State Fire Marshal: 7KC - series 14 & 15 lever conforms with California Title 24.

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Q: What is the BEST 7KC?
A: The BEST 7KC is a grade 2 cylindrical lever set that was introduced to the
commercial market in 2001. The BEST 7KC lever set is comparable to the BEST 9K
lever set, however is a Grade 2 lockset, opposed to the 9K Grade 1 rating.

Q: Why is it called 7KC opposed to 7K?
A: The current BEST grade 2 cylindrical lever set series is called 7KC. Prior to
launching the 7KC cylindrical lock set in 2001, BEST offered a 7K tubular lock set. The
7K was a completely different lock with different components, door prep guidelines,
etc. The 7K product is no longer available in the market. The “C” was added to the
new 7K cylindrical product offering to differentiate the old tubular 7K from the new
cylindrical 7KC.

Q: In what type of applications is the 7KC primarily used?
A: The 7KC is very popular in commercial offices spaces, college dorms, and military
bases. The 7KC has also been seen in heavy duty residential applications even though
it far exceeds residential requirements.

Q: Does the 7KC fit the standard door prep?
A: Yes, the 7KC fits the standard door prep (161). With the use of the ATB option, the
7KC will also fit the Schlage ND80 door prep.

Q: How long does it take to install the 7KC?
A: Once the door is prepped, installation is a simple 3-step process: Step 1: Install latch;
Step 2: Install preassembled chassis and outside lever; Step 3: Install inside trim and
lever. The entire installation process takes an average of 2 minutes. Since the 7KC
has only three individual parts, and our packaging is designed with the installer in
mind, installation for the 7KC product can be done quickly, efficiently and accurately
ultimately reducing install related errors and call-backs.

Q: What door thickness range can the 7KC accommodate?
A: The 7KC comes preset from the factory to fit 1 3/4" thick doors but can be field
adjusted to fit 1 3/8" – 2" thick doors.

Q: What back sets are available for the 7KC?
A: The 7KC can be ordered with a 2 3/8, 2 3/4", 3 9/4", or 5" back set dead locking
latch. The standard latch front is 1" in width; however, a 1 1/8" latch front is available
to order with the 2 3/4"back set. A drive-in latch is also available on 2 3/8” and 2
3/4"back sets.

Q: What differentiates the 7KC from other grade 2 cylindrical locks?
A: The 7KC is known for its durability and meets several grade 1 requirements. The
7KC is available in numerous functions and finishes whereas it is common to offer
just a few basic functions and finishes for grade 2 locks.

Q: What functions are offered for the 7KC?
A: The 7KC is available in 3 single key functions (i.e., entrance, storeroom &
classroom) and 4 keyless functions (i.e., passage, exit, privacy & single dummy trim).

Q: What finishes are offered for the 7KC?
A: The 7KC is available in 6 finishes: Standard (626), Satin (606, 612, 613), and Bright
(605, 625).

Q: What is the lead time for a 7KC?
A: The average lead time for a 7KC is less than 2 weeks.

Q: What warranty does the 7KC have?
A: The 7KC has a 3 year warranty.

Q: What is the standard core for the 7KC?
A: The standard core is the BEST SFIC (Small Format Interchangeable Core).

Q: Do you have 7KC levers to fit competitive core offerings?
A: Yes, we offer levers to fit the Schlage Non-IC (Non- Interchangeable Core).