Von Duprin 114317-00 QEL Modular Conversion Kit

by Von Duprin
$ 733.20

QEL Modular Conversion Kit


The Quiet Electric Latch (QEL) retraction latch option for Von Duprin exit devices provides electronic control of an exit device for environments where limited operational noise is desired. This optional feature is offered in fully configured exit devices, or as a conversion kit to mechanical or legacy latch retraction devices currently installed, to enhance the opening’s operability. Von Duprin offers both a modular and baseplate QEL conversion kits. In most applications, the modular QEL kit provides the necessary functionality at the lowest cost and is the recommended solution. The modular QEL conversion kit should be selected unless the product is currently a solenoiddriven latch retraction device (EL). Quiet electric latch retraction conversion kits Featuring 98/99, 33A/35A and 22 Series exit devices Features and benefits The baseplate QEL conversion kit was the initial conversion kit offered when Von Duprin originally launched the QEL. With the improved design of the motor assembly and availability of the modular conversion kit, the baseplate QEL conversion kit should primarily be used when converting an EL to a motor driven QEL solution. The modular conversion kit was developed to improve the flexibility, cost, and installation process without the requirement of replacing the entire baseplate assembly. The modular motor assembly provides the same functionality and fits in both 3’ device and 4’ device. This design allows for flexibility of inventory and solutions for a broader set of openings. Modular QEL conversion kit § Recommended conversion kit solution for most applications § Greater inventory flexibility: Can upgrade both 3’ and 4’ devices § Ease of installation: Can easily and quickly be installed in existing product § Lower list price: Same functionality offered at a lower list price