Taco ED-F501 Fire Rated Rim Exit Device Imported

by Taco
$ 100.00

US Lock Supply Stocks Imported Taco Panic Exit Devices In All Options Ready To Ship Free On Orders Over $189. The EDF501 series “rim type” exit device is suitable for all doors (aluminum, hollow metal, or wood) where there is no projection on the face. It is appropriate for all heavy duty commercial and industrial applications. Fits doors up to 36″ and XL for 48″.

Specifications EDF501

• UL Listed #SA32524 (mfg. SF-EDTBAR Series)
• ANSI A156.3 Grade 1
• ED-F501: UL10C Fire rated; barrier Accessories
• Non-handed
• EAK500: Alarm kit
• Door width: up to 36″
• Available in XL for 48″
• Comes with standard strike and shim
• Dogging standard ONLY on non-UL fire rated
• Finishes: AL, DU, US32D