Sargent T-Zone 11G17 Utility, Asylum or Institutional Lever Lock

by Sargent
$ 504.00

Sargent 11G17 Utility, Asylum or Institutional Lever Lock. The SARGENT® 11 Line sets a higher standard for Grade 1 bored-in locks. The unique T-Zone® construction provides unequalled strength and durability for the most demanding applications such as schools and hospitals. This is accomplished by true interlocking between the lockbody and the latch far exceeding the 156.2 Series 4000 Grade 1 standards like no other lock can. 

Sargent 11G17 Utility, Asylum or Institutional  Lever-

• Deadlocking latch

• Both levers rigid at all times

• Latchbolt by key either side

• ANSI F87

Ideally Suited For:

  • High traffic doors
  • Areas subject to severe abuse
  • Schools, hospitals, other public buildings
  • Retrofit applications

 Schools  Healthcare  Commercial 

Finishes: US26D, US26, US10B, US10, US4, US3

Levers: Lever L, Lever P, Lever B

Maximum Strength & Durability

  • True interlocking between the stainless steel lockbody and latch. Provides unequalled strength and durability
  • Independent Testing proves: Exceeds ANSI/ BHMA A156.2 Grade 1 standard for cycle testing. Over 10 MILLION cycles!
  • Withstands 3-1/2 TIMES ANSI/ BHMA A156.2 Grade 1 torque force on a locked lever. Over 3000 in/lbs!
  • Virtually no lever sag even after 8 million cycles
  • 10 Year limited warranty. No service required to maintain warranty

Certification Compliance

  • Meets and greatly exceeds ANSI/BHMA A156.2 Series 4000-Grade 1
  • UL and cUL listed to Canadian safety standards Listed for 3 hour doors (double doors require 41-option)                                                                            Note: Any retrofit or other field modification to a fire rated opening can potentially impact the fire rating of the opening, and Sargent Manufacturing Company makes no representations or warranties concerning what such impact may be in any specific situation. When retrofitting any portion of an existing fire rated opening, or specifying and installing a new fire-rated opening, please consult with a code specialist or local code official (Authority Having Jurisdiction) to ensure compliance with all applicable codes and ratings.
  • Meets UL 10 C and UBC 7-2 (1997)
  • All levers conform to ADA requirements for barrier-free accessibility. Levers (L,J and P) conform to California Administrative Code Title 19
  • UL listed: ANSI/SDI-BHMA A250.13; ANSI/ASTM E330-2002; ANSI/ASTM E1886-2005 & ASTM E1996-2009 UL Certification Directory ZHem.R21744 Latching Hardware Listed on Florida Building Code Website: FL4351-R1

Maximum Convenience

  • fits 161 door preps
  • fewer parts for easier installation
  • only 45 degrees of lever rotation required to retract latchbolt
  • 19 functions. Many functions are easily field changeable
  • 4 solid ADA lever designs and 4 roses available to cover a wide variety of door preps and design requirements
  • simple cylinder removal. Easy change outs


Patented "T-Zone" construction with true interlocking between the lockbody and the latch. Provides unequalled strength and durability for the most demanding applications


  • High security lever attachment available for applications subject to severe vandalism
  • Resists vandalism
  • Torx® and spanner screws
  • Classroom security function available
  • Security key systems available (Signature, Keso F1, Keso, XC)