Norton UNI7500 Unitrol Arm Door Closer

by Norton
$ 552.00


Grade 1 Parallel Arm Door Closer, Push Side, Unitrol Arm, Size 1 to 6, For 33" to 41" Doors, Plastic Cover, Aluminum Painted Finish, Non-Handed

Unitrol® Arm
Can be used for either parallel arm or top jamb applications. Unitrol arms combine the features of a double lever arm overhead door
stop/holder with the backcheck feature of the door closer to reduce door stopping shock loads to a minimum. The Unitrol uses a
compression spring buffer at the soffit plate/arm shoe that will absorb 30 lbf. of force, 5° prior to the door’s dead stop. Coupled with the
door closer’s backcheck feature, this arm provides the most controlled stop available with a surface door closer.
For parallel arm applications there are three different length arm assemblies. Each length is designed for a specific range of door widths
to provide precise door control. This further lessens the dead stop impact on the door’s hinges/pivots.