Norton 6341 Low Energy Power Operator

by Norton
$ 3,225.00

6300 Series

The 6300 Series low energy operator offers a broad set of intelligent functions to safely secure and operate a variety of moderate to high traffic openings. A unique design with one of the slimmest profiles available allowing it to blend more seamlessly with the frame while fitting challenging applications with minimal header space. A modular design, simple controls, and new WiFi interface make for easy installation and setup.

  • Product overview


    Push or pull side mounting

    For use on interior and exterior doors with medium to high traffic

    Compatible with door switches, wave-to-open switches, and radio frequency (RF) devices

    Modular design with minimal components

    Heavy-duty backplate serves as template

    Customizable inputs and outputs for accessories, including security override and fire safety

    Adjustable opening force and closing power

    Slim profile measures 2 3/4" high

    Maximum door weight: 250lbs.

    Door width: 36"-48"

    WiFi interface (no connection to building's WiFi is required)

    Shorter length units available for double door applications

    LCD screen

    Unique, aesthetically pleasing design blends seamlessly with frame

    Low profile easily fits applications with minimal overhead space

    Two lengths available to accommodate single and double door applications

    Programming through onboard LCD screen or WiFi connected graphic interface on any device allowing for fast, easy setup and adjustments

    Backplate template and modular components allow for easy, one person installation

    Reduced germ transmission and increased ease of use with activation through wave-to-open switches and radio frequency (RF) devices

    Array of intelligent functions enhances user safety and building security

    Kits provide easy stocking and ordering for complete automated door solutions, from operator to accessories