Kaba Simplex EE1021/EE1021 2-Sided Lock w/ Key Override EE1000 Series

by Kaba
$ 898.00

Best Core Equivalent


The KABA Simplex EE1000 line of Mechanical Keyless Pushbutton Door Locks is ideal for situations where key coded security is needed not only on one but two sides of a door. The 1000 series features auto locking design that comes standard with key coded entry or optional master key interface for superior access control on both sides of the door. KABA has been in the industry over a hundred years making the 1000 series one of the most experience provoked programmable locks on the market.

The KABA Simplex 1000 series is versatile enough to be installed on both left and right side opening doors. Each side uses a single code and can be programmed even after installation. No external cables or wires are required for this easy installation. Although a five button mechanical key pad may seem minimal it allows for thousands of security code combinations and offers rock solid resistance when poised in front of a reinforced Latchbolt and deadlocking plunger. The EE1000 offers four optional colors including Bright Brass, Antique Brass, Satin Chrome, and Bright Chrome, all of which supply security with style.

The Latch Length for this Mechanical Pushbutton Combination Lock is ½ Inch. Standard Finish Satin Chrome. Standard Access Control, For 1? to 2¼ Inches Thick Wood/Metal Door.


  • Simplex Mechanical Access Control Locks
  • An alternative to traditional keyed locksets. Include ASA and standard strike. Require no batteries. Key override SFIC (cylinder not included) accepts Best and equivalent SFIC cylinders. I/C Prep available as well. Cylinders are not included.
  • 1 user code
  • For 1? to 2¼"-thick doors; 2¾" backset
  • Programmable Locks, Push Button (1000 Series)
  • Measure 9L (inside) × 3-1⁄8W × 3-3?16"D. Latch length is ½". Retrofit existing ASA 161 door preps.
  • 3-hr. UL Fire Rated; ADA Compliant
  • Please Note: Locks Do Not Include Cylinder. They are Prepped for Factory Cores


Backset Size
3- 13⁄16"
Satin Chrome
Thumb or Key Turn Passage Set
Inside Height
PushButton Access Control
Latch Front Size
1" by 2¼"
Latch Length
Outside Heigh
Mechanical, Standard

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