DynaLock 2280 Slimline Maglock

by DynaLock
$ 415.00

New “upscale” low profile electromagnetic locks, surface mounted for single and double outswing or inswing doors. Seamless one-piece lock housings mount with an adjustable baseplate for quicker installations. Armatures utilize high-impact plastic housings, with incorporated foam pads to reduce noise. When ordered with DSM, concealed disc magnets are included at each end of the armature housings. Size: 1-1/2”D x 2-1/16”H x 12-3/4”L Single or 25-1/2”L Double Multi-voltage field selectable 12/24 VDC/VAC Current Draw: 583 mA @ 12VDC Single / 1166 mA Double 335 mA @ 24VDC Single / 670 mA Double Adjustable Relock Time Delay (Former TD Option) is standard on all models.