Dorma DB662 Cylinder x Cylinder Deadbolt

by Dorma
$ 88.00

Dorma DB662 Cylinder x Cylinder :
.Dead bolt operated by key either side

Providing increased security, reliability, and durability. DORMA offers a choice of rugged dead bolts to provide an added sense of protection. The DB600 Series are Grade 2 dead bolts with an adjustable 2-3/8"– 2-3/4" backset. The 1" throw dead bolt includes a hardened steel roller to prevent sawing through the bolt. The Heavy-Duty cylinders are through-bolted, with reinforced cylinder rings to protect against physical attack. Brass 6-pin cylinders are provided for security and durability. The solid steel strike plate reinforcement with 2" screws protects the door jamb against a kick-in attack.
Recommended Applications .Apartments .Municipal Buildings .Retail Complexes .Warehouses
Technical Details .Hardened steel housing for superior protection against blunt force attack. .Large steel spin ring for protection against attack by wrenching and prying. .(2) 1/4-28 high strength steel mounting screws for protection against prying. .Available in all DORMA SKC keyways in both Small Format Interchangeable Core (SFIC) and standard cylinders. Also available in many Best keyways as well as Schlage C and E, Sargent LA, and many thers. Consult factory for additional keyways. .Strike reinforcement with 3" wood screws for wooden jambs provides increased resistance to kick-in attack.
Certifications Certified to the requirements of ANSI/BHMA A156.36 Grade 2.
UL/CUL – UL 10C Positive Pressure Lsted 3 hour fire rated.
Cylinders and Keying .Unless otherwise specified, cylinders will be provided in DORMA standard keyway with two (2) nickel silver keys. .Optional patented key system available. .Refer to DORMA Price List for full details and options such as master keying, retrofit cylinders and keyways, and small format interchangeable cores.
Warranty For details, refer to DORMA Limited Warranty on our website at
Finishes Brass: 605 (Bright). Bronze: 613 (Dark Oxidized Satin). Nickel: 619 (Satin). Chrome: 626 (Satin). Stainless Steel: 630 (Satin).
Special Finish Notes ANSI/BHMA A156.18 standards describe 613 Dark Oxidized Satin Bronze finish as a category B finish. B category finishes, “do not match from one alloy or form of material to the next and from one manufacturer to the next.” The 613 finish may vary between manufacturers’ products and models.
In some instances, for customer convenience, the most appropriate BHMA finish symbols are used to indicate similarity of appearance, regardless of base metal or finishing process. Finishes of latches, strikes, cylinders/cores, and visible mounting screws, though similar in appearance, may differ from the finish of the trim. Finish designations in the 600 numbers are the BHMA (Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association) industry standard.