Alarm Lock PG21MS Door Alarm

by Alarm Lock
$ 115.25

PG21MS Series surface-mount narrow stile door alarms Ideal in schools, nursing homes, restaurants & theatres


Narrow Stile Door Alarm, Aluminum

PG21 Advanced Door Alarm Series from Alarm Lock are a quick and inexpensive solution when faced with security vulnerabilities from doors being propped open in schools, restaurants, stores nursing homes and theaters. Whether door-propping occurs for quick returns from taking "smoke" breaks, to permit insider-jobs or to allow unregistered visitors or contraband to circumvent main security entry points, it remains a problem for facility managers and security officers everywhere. These surface-mount, narrow stile microprocessor controlled door alarms quickly improve security at any single or double door with a 95dB alarm, entry delay, key-removal and auto-shutdown/reset options. The PG21 has two arming modes, standard mode or "always armed" mode and it enables multiple door monitoring with built-in external reed switch, has three entry delay options as well as selectable minute-shutdown. Available in Metallic Bronze or Silver models with optional bright strobe on top that lights brightly on alarm and can be easily seen across any room for pinpointing the door at issue. Typical applications include emergency fire escape doors, nursing home stairwell doors, rear restaurant and theater doors.

Alarm Lock PG21MS Spec Sheet