Alarm Lock DL4100 Privacy Cylindrical Lock

by Alarm Lock
$ 702.00

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Trilogy® Privacy Digital Pushbutton Locks, featuring an
inner privacy push button, are an ideal solution to quickly
and easily convert restrooms into single occupancy to
create social distancing & help avoid the spread of virus.
After entering with a PIN code or Prox ID card, the user simply
pushes the privacy button on the back of the lock (inner door)
to ensure privacy. The lock will not open from the front entry
side until the user exits (the door is reopened from the inside),
or optionally, the privacy session “times-out” following a
preset duration.
When the privacy button is pressed, the red LED on the outer,
keypad-side of the door will flash to indicate that the restroom
is occupied. When exiting the room, the occupant simply
leaves normally. As an added safeguard, when the inside
handle is turned, there is a three second delay before the
lock will accept an additional signal from the privacy button,
eliminating inadvertent privacy-locking.
From the makers of Trilogy® – The #1 Locks in their Class
• “Privacy” feature ideal for bathrooms. With the push of a button
on the back of the lock (inner door), the lock cannot be opened
from the front entry side
• LED “in-use” indicator on front of the door flashes while privacy
feature is active. Tri-colored LED indicator also shows code
acceptance or denial (green or red, respectively), or low battery
condition (yellow)
• Optional Time-out - Privacy session “times-out”following a preset
time limit of 10 - 250 minutes
• Field-proven, low-maintenance standalone rugged keyless locks
with vandal-proof, all metal keypad No wiring; long-life battery
• Weatherproof for use inside and out even in weather extremes
from -31˚ below to 151˚ F on both sides of the door.
• Optional Severe Weather Keypad Guard, HW2037 protects lock
from severe weather and also allows for easy, daily disinfecting and
cleaning of lock without the damage sprays can cause
• Fingertip (keypad) or Windows PC-programmable
• 5AA battery-pak; long battery life, 60,000 cycles, typical
• GermAway™ anti-microbial finish available: Built-in germ barrier
& special antimicrobial finish that inhibits microbial growth of
dangerous microorganisms, mold, mildew and fungi
(26D finish only)
• 3 Architectural finishes (US3 polished brass, 26D satin chrome,
10B duronodic)
• Easily retrofits most cylindrical preps. - Available in cylindrical PIN
code lock, DL4100 and PIN/PROX lock, PDL4100. Also available in
Prox Networx®
• Many Healthcare Applications: Anywhere the room
occupants need privacy for a period of time, including
counseling rooms, doctors sleeping rooms, etc.