Keypad Lock Catagories

Kaba 900 Series     Kaba 2015 Series     Kaba 7100 Series                                    Kaba 6200 Series     Simplex LD470 Series     Kaba EE1000 Series     Kaba 1000 Series     Kaba L1000 Series     Kaba L8100 Mortise Series     Kaba LD450 series     Kaba LP1000 Series     Kaba 5000 Series

Keypad door locks are extremely convenient to use, and are a favorite of many homeowners. The benefits of using a keypad door lock or a proximity lock are that you never have to worry about locking your keys inside your home, and you can also provide access to family members and house guests without having extra keys made. You can go keyless any day of the week without having to worry about whether your home is secure!

US Lock Supply offers many different keypad locks for doors. All combine a handy keypad with a thumb lever, a larger lever, or a knob. Some prox locks also include a cylindrical lock just in case you’d like to have the option of a keyed lock at times for additional security.

Our wholesale keypad locks are available in many styles and finishes to match your door and the exterior of your home or business, and in models from simple pushbutton deadbolt locks to much more complex prox locks. We offer keypad door locks made by the most respected brands, including Kaba and Simplex, in a range of prices to fit all needs and budgets.

Place your order for keypad door locks today and go keyless!