Von Duprin 98EO/99EO Rim Panic Exit Device

by Von Duprin
$ 1,180.40

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Here Is An Installation Video For The 98 & 99 Device.
All Von Duprin 98/99 Series exit devices are UL listed for Accident Hazard and Fire Exit Hardware and are tested in accordance to ANSI Grade 1 requirements.
Exit devices are a critical part of the Fire and Life Safety egress system and will provide safe and reliable service when properly applied and maintained. Von Duprin designs and manufactures exit devices in accordance to ISO 9001 Quality Management System and meets or exceeds accepted U.S. domestic and International standards. All 98 and 99 series exit devices are UL listed for Panic Hardware or Fire Hardware, and are certified to ANSI A156.3, 2001, Grade 1. Many models are also certified for Hurricane Resistant Applications. Consult your local Allegion sales consultant or the Von Duprin factory for current listings.
It is intended that the information included in this publication, when properly used, will provide clear and reliable guidelines to the proper general selection and application. However, the scope of the information is necessarily limited.

99/98 Specification

99- grooved mechanism case
98- smooth mechanism case
Unusual operating conditions and environments and other external influences can affect the proper application of the products represented. Modifications of these products will also affect UL listings. It is recommended that whenever an unusual application condition exists, or when any modification of a product is considered, that our engineers review the application.

Application engineering services are available to help ensure proper selection or to review any areas where users of Von Duprin products may have questions.

Von Duprin push pad exit devices are available in two external surface styles, designated 98 Series and 99 Series. The two styles are mechanically and dimensionally identical and provide a wide selection of appearance options.

Latch Bolt
Deadlocking latchbolt provides security and improved performance at standard device cost.

The Quiet One®
A fluid dampener decelerates the pushpad on its return stroke and eliminates most noise associated with exit device operations. Furnished on all 98/99™ series exit devices.