Florence MyPackageConcierge Home Package Management

by Florence Corp.
$ 795.00

MyPackageConcierge® is a secure personal home package management amenity designed to accept packages from any carrier.  With the rise of online shopping, package deliveries are becoming more frequent and often get left sitting out in the open inviting theft. With MyPackageConcierge® packages are securely locked away from porch pirates, and protected from rain and other harmful elements.


 Mechanical, push button lock utilizes user-resettable combination code for homeowner and delivery carrier access

Constructed from heavy aluminum and stainless steel for superior strength

Mounts flush with an exterior wall of the home for a seamless integration that complements your home 

Easily accessible by all carriers for package delivery


Water intrusion management system (patent-pending) diverts water away from interior compartment to guard packages from outside elements


Want to deter Porch Pirates from visiting your new home?
Install MyPackageConcierge®! We all love the convenience of ordering online and having our merchandise delivered to our home. But packages delivered during the day when we're away and left sitting out in the open invites theft.

MyPackageConcierge® provides your parcel carrier a secure place to deposit your packages - keeping them safe until you get home.


How does MyPackageConcierge® work?
Your parcel carrier simply enters an access code in the shipping address that you provide when you purchase something online.

Whatever you put in the address appears on the package shipping label. Your carrier reads the shipping label to deliver your package - sees the access code - punches the code in to unlock your MyPackageConcierge® and deposits your package. It's really that simple!


Unit height is 37-1/4". See cut sheet for Rough opening details.


Unit height is 17-1/2". See cut sheet for Rough opening details.


Minimum wall depth of 17" required for MyPackageConcierge®

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